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  • Top Hinge- Part No. 9C3503
  • Hinge Pin- Part No. 9CP450
  • Bottom Cam Housing- Part No. 9C0140
  • Top Hinge Casting- Part No. 9C3513
  • Nylon Cam- Part No. 9C3002
  • Bottom Hinge- Part No. 9C3004
  • Pintle- Part No. 9C3006
  • Keeper Bumper: Inswing- Part No. 9A5580, Outswing- Part No. 9A5570


  • Top Hinge- Part No. 9F0211N
  • Top Pin (Metal)- Part No. 9CP450
  • Top Hinge Door Escutcheon- Part No. 9CP425
  • Bottom Hinge Door Insert- Part No. 9CP325
  • Bottom Hinge- Part No. 9F0214N
  • Nylon Cam- Part No. 9CP375
  • Pintle- Part No. 9CP350
  • Keeper Bumper: Inswing- Part No. 9A5980, Outswing- Part No. 9A5970

Use on Both

  • Slide Bolt Latch- Part No. 9CP100
  • Coat Hook & Bumper- Inswing- Part No. 96200B
  • Coat Hook Double Prong- Outswing- Part No. 9G0161
  • Door Stop- Part No. 9A0412

One-Way Sheet Metal Screws

  • Chrome Plated Steel Available 100/Box
  • One-Way S.S. Shoulder Screw & Sex Nut- Part No. 9A0264 & 9A0268
  • Un-Do-It (For Removing One-Way Screws- Part No. 9A0810, 9A0807 & 9A0804
  • Part No. 9A7064, 9A7022, 9A7070, 9A7073, 9A0121 & 9A7040

Ampco • One-Way Screws

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Toilet partition hardware for Ampco; One-way sheet metal screws

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  • Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 8:00 pm EST
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  • Next day delivery available on many items.
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  • If you do not see the item you need, just ask!. We stock many items not shown in our catalog - Hard to find parts are our specialty!

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