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Urinal Screen Brackets

  • 1-1/4" Screen-Part No. 9AWB25
  • 1" Screen-Part No. 9AWB27
  • Two Ear:
  • For Any Thickness Screen-Part No. 9A1320
  • For 1-1/4" Screen-Part No. 9A1330
  • For 1" Screen-Part No. 9A1280

Partition Brace

  • Stainless Steel Floor Mounted Unit-Part No. 9A6005

Continuous Panel/Screen Brackets

  • Aluminum 58" Long
  • "U" Bracket-Part No. 9A0191C
  • Two-Ear Bracket-Part No. 9A0175C
  • One-Ear Bracket-Part No. 9A0176C, 9A0184C

Panel/Pilaster Brackets - Chrome Plated

  • Alcove Clip-Part No. 9A0155
  • Alcove Clip Sets-Part No. 9A8340
  • "U" Bracket-Part No. 9A0189, 9A0190, 9A0191, 9A0194
  • Two-Ear Bracket-Part No. 9A0162, 9A0163, 9A0175, 9A0183
  • One-Ear Bracket-Part No. 9A0164, 9A0165, 9A0176, 9A0184
  • Angle Brackets-Part No. 9A0160

Headrail Brackets

  • End Plug:
  • Rectangular Tubing-Part No. 9A0666
  • Anti-Grip Tubing-Part No. 9A0667, 9A0665
  • Bracket for Headrail-Part No. 9A0213, 9A0215
  • Bracket-Part No. 9A0216

Pilaster - Stainless Steel Shoes 3" High

  • Round Edge Pilaster Shoe-Part No. 9A0308
  • Square Edge Pilaster Shoe-Part No. 9A0306
  • Floor Shoe-Part No. 9A0304, 9A1763

Pilaster Anchoring Devices

  • Very Popular
  • Pilaster Width:
  • 2"-Part No. 9A07192
  • 3,4,5,6"-Part No. 9A07193
  • 7+"-Part No. 9A07194
  • 1-1/4" & 1-1/8" Thick - Up to 6" Wide Pilasters-Part No. 9A0309
  • 3/4" and Thicker - Up to 6" Wide Pilasters-Part No. 9A1056
  • Pilaster Anchor Pack (For Plastic Laminate)-Part No. 9A0310

Common Brackets, Anchors

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Toilet partition hardware - common replacement hardware

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