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Panel and Pilaster Brackets

  • Panel & Pilaster to Wall– Part No. TS-100
  • Panel to Pilaster Bracket– Part No. TS-200
  • Alcove Bracket– Part No. TS-140-1

Pilaster Hardware

  • Ceiling Hung Pilaster Anchor Kit– Part No. TCH-700
  • Floor Braced Pilaster Anchor Kit– Part No. TCH-450
  • Stainless Steel Shoes– Part No. TS-XX

Concealed Door Hardware

  • Latch Assembly Including Bolt– Part No. TS-110
  • Lever Latch– Part No. TS-110-1
  • Strike and Keeper– Part No. TS-130
  • Lower Hinge Assembly– Part No. TS-140
  • Upper Hinge Assembly– Part No. TS-150

Surface Door Hardware

  • Surface Latch– Part No. TS-300
  • Surface Strike and Bumper– Part No. TS-400
  • Surface Strike and Bumper Emergency Access– Part No. TS-401
  • Flip Latch– Part No. TS-400-4
  • Surface Mounted Hinges– Part No. TS-234 (LH) and TS-235 (RH)

Door Hardware Accessories

  • Coat Hook & Bumper– Part No.TS-120
  • Door Pull– Part No. TS-211

Headrail and Headrail Brackets

  • Aluminum Anti-Grip Headrail– Part No. THR-xx
  • Headrail End Cap– Part No. TS-160
  • Headrail Bracket– Part No. TS-170

Shower and Change Stall Hardware

  • Concealed Track and Hook– Part No. TS-210
  • Shower Rod Flange– Part No. TS-302
  • Shower Curtain Hook– Part No. TS-203
  • Triangular Support for Wood Seat– Part No. TS-201-1

Screen Hardware

  • Post Flange– Part No. TS-169
  • Post Cap– Part No. TS-190
  • Wing Bracket– Part No. TS-2500

All standard door, panel and pilaster hardware are chrome-plated zinc die castings (Zamac).

Brackets, concealed door hardware, shoes and headrail are manufactured to fit Shanahan’s 1 ¼” square edge.

Replacement and special parts are available upon request.

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